About us

Welcome to Milrom Companies!

Sam has been building, designing, and selling property since 1982. Sam is not just the face of his
companies. He is also the man behind the scenes making sure that his customers are getting the best
quality home. Sam’s background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s
Degree in Civil Engineering. As a technical person Sam oversees every screw, nut, bolt and hinge
installed to ensure the best quality building. He began his career overseeing renovations on bus
terminals in New York City as a project engineer. He eventually made his way to New Jersey and began
building homes across the entire state. Since that time Sam has expanded into other ventures including
building New Jersey’s first privately owned rest stop near the Delaware Water Gap.

Sam’s hands on approach to building are the reason he has forged such bonds and relationships with the biggest players in the business. It is also the reason that Sam maintains close relationships with his customers. His customers know they do not have to go through endless red tape in order to get an answer regarding the smallest of details. Sam attends to the smallest details and is not above dealing with any matter. When it comes to building Sam knows everything happening in the business which is the main reason he has maintained a high level of success and impeccable reputation over the course of many years.